Teenagers and productivity

By 6 November 2018Redactia Cantemir Voda, Stiri

A simple definition of productivity is do more in less time. In 21 century, teenagers life is the most vulnerable of all. Distractions of all sorts, like phones, Facebook, Instagram, local events and parties are just a minimum of all the things that can ‘eat up’ the time of a teen. Victor, student in 12th grade, said that in the last month he accomplished just a few goals of his monthly plan. Also, Florentina, student in 12th grade, said that she is worried because she thinks that she won’t be able to learn everything for the Baccalaureat exam. If you too are facing problems like running out of time or postponing goals, there are a few tips that can boost your productivity and help you come back on track.

The first thing you can do is to plan in the evening the schedule for the next day. Waking up and knowing exactly what to do, will help you save energy and willpower. Your schedule should contain the main activities that you want to do, on hierarchical order with the exactly amount of time that you expect to last. For example: ‘Study for history- from 9:00 to 9:55’, ‘Write an essay- from 10:05 to 11:00’.

Another advice to increase productivity was given by Andrei, student in 11th grade. He said: ‘Take relaxing breaks after each hour spent on homework, and you will start seeing real results’. He also told me that after each goal accomplished he offers himself a reward.

Turning off all the distractions is something that will make you a ‘productivity machine’. For an hour, turn off your phone, close your window (if the noise is a distractor for you), tell your parents that you are studying and make sure that nothing in this world could disturb you. A right focus on the task that you have to do will help you to save time and finish things quickly.

One last thing that will increase your productivity is sport. Researchers showed that physical activity will make your brain perform better.

Those are the essential tips which will help you with productivity, if you make properly use of them. Don’t forget to have a healthy diet and positive thinking.